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Fall 2018
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kitchen Update

The cook top has been a challenge to install.

The control panel retracts under the counter.

The range hood is roughly installed. A stainless steel cover will blend the hood into the cabinets. Stay tuned...

The control panel is retracted. The problem is...

...that the gap between the counter top and control panel is allowing flex in the counter top. No flex is allowed since the counter will be covered with tile. The slight gap is needed to allow movement of the control panel so that it can retract and extend.

To reinforce the counter, I added a couple of metal angles to the top and bottom of the counter.

The angles were drilled and countersunk for the screws.

Next, I routed a channel in the counter top for the metal angles. This allows the angles to sit flush so that the tile can be installed over the angles.

Angles are installed and the flex has been eliminated. It's time for tile!

A few more cabinets are installed. I still have six cabinets to go.

Here's one of the challenging cuts for the cook top tile.

Here's another cut that took some extra effort.

I had to be innovative with the plumbing since garbage disposers are rare in Japan. This disposer was purchased in the states a few years back. It's rated for use with a septic system. I'll be using a step up transformer since the motor is rated at 1hp at 120 volts. It's  huge, powerful, very efficient, and whisper quiet.

The stainless sink and faucet were purchased in the states about 4 years ago. It's great to finally see it installed.

The IH cook top is almost ready to go. It's rated at 200V at 30 amps. Erika can't wait to get rid of the single burner camping stove she has been using for the past 5 months.

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