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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting the colors to match

This is what the logs look like in the rest of the house. The color is formed naturally from exposure to sunlight. I needed to create the same look for the remodel.

This is what the logs look like in the remodel. The logs were weathered and turning grey. I had to power wash the logs to remove the oxidation. All of the logs and ceiling panels required extensive sanding. This step required over five weeks to complete. I don't want to do anymore sanding for a long time! The picture above shows the log after sanding and the first coat of stain. Three coats of stain were needed along with three coats of clear gloss. The photo below shows the finished result. It was labor intensive, but I think it matches the logs in the rest of the house perfectly.

This should give you a good idea of the "before and after". The logs appear more yellow than they actually are. Later, I'll take a picture of a log that is half "original" and half "stained" to give you an idea of how close the colors match. It really is amazing! Stay tuned...

The logs on the right are after power washing. Of course the walls were installed after the logs were power washed. Remember, this used to be the garage.

The right side is an unfinished wall of the master bedroom closet. I'll probably sheet rock over these logs to save time rather than repairing them.   George

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