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Monday, November 11, 2013

R Brian Baylis

Bicycling...I used to be obsessed with it, but that's tapered down to an occasional spin on the mountain bikes. I’m mentioning this because the builder of my bicycle is retiring in November (11/12/13). Baylis is one of the last true craftsmen in the business. Each frame is unique and built by hand. He hasn’t taken a frame order in over 5 years. According to Baylis, what finally pushed him to retire was the dwindling supply of Imron paint. He’s busy finishing up all of his backlogged projects before he calls it quits. He will still devote some time to mentoring future frame builders. He'll also continue crafting knives and finish a long overdue house remodeling project.

I purchased my frame (serial number 003) in 1986. The frame is equipped with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary components. The bicycle has been collecting dust for the past few years. It's difficult to sell a custom bike because it's only custom to the original owner. Maybe a collector in Japan would be interested?
Erika and I often ride our mountain bikes when we are too tired to walk the dogs. The dogs don’t seem to mind jogging around Tsukahara while we happily roll along side of them.

Our tandem hasn't been ridden in a few years. This along with some other hobbies (stained glass, intarsia, and astronomy) are on hold until we get a handle on the gazillion things that need to be done around the house . It seems to be never ending.     George

The cycling world has lost a great craftsman. Brain Baylis passed on February 20, 2016. His obituary is posted here  

UPDATE: The 62cm Baylis is still available for sale. If you're interested please make your best offer in comments and I'll get back to you. ( Posted Feb 2016)

All measurements are taken from center to center of the tubes specified. Here are the specs:


Seat tube         62

Bottom Tube   65

Top tube          59.5

Head tube        14

Seat stays         56

Chain stays      43
Floor to the top of the top tube    84.6

Forks (measured from top of crown)     36

Serial number       3

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  1. I just scoped out your site a few times, because I'm intrigued with Japan and it's culture, have been in the last 5 years only. I have only been for a couple days for work (Tokyo), but never had the opportunity to experience it. Neat that you decided to live there. I only briefly looked at your blog, Cool on the scopedome thingy. Actually, super cool. I dig astronomy. I'll have to look up those myself, not that I'll be getting one. Or will I?

    Cheers, ~ Scott