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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Woo Hoo!

The carpenter started building the garage/ workshop. I have to keep reminding Erika that it’s not called a warehouse…it’s my home when we argue. I’ll have a place to hide. We have owned many homes, but all of them were previously constructed. This is the first time I have ever had a structure this large built to my specifications. It’s kind of cool to see it being built. Erika keeps asking me if I’m happy. She KNOWS the answer.

Note how tight the joints are.

Manufactured tenon

The construction techniques are different in Japan. The carpenter we hired is a traditional style carpenter, but with a twist. He uses modern methods. I think it’s out of necessity rather than convenience. He said that the younger carpenters don’t have the skills required to make handmade mortise and tenons. Instead, our carpenter purchased the wood already milled. He gave the manufacturer the exact dimensions and they did the rest. This speeds up the building process which keeps the costs down. The milled joints are precise and consistent.

Everything is perfectly plumb and level.

This is a serious tool

The workshop is made of hinoki and cedar. I’ll do all of the finish work and wiring. It shouldn’t be long before the carpenters are done. Only two carpenters managed to get the framing up in less than a day. The second story goes on today. I’ll need to build a floor/ ceiling for the attic to make more storage space. I have quite a few ideas to utilize every square foot of space. Stay tuned for more updates…      George


  1. 柱が細くて心配してな~い? ジョージさん(^ー^ 

  2. 値段の割りにはしっかりした造りで、大工さんの腕の良さに喜んでるよ。