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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foundation Poured (along with some other stuff)

Japanese ingenuity

Ah, music to my ears. We have been waiting a couple of years for this day to arrive. The foundation has been poured and construction will soon begin. The weather has been so-so for the past couple of days. Fortunately, it’s a beautiful day and the timing couldn’t have been better. “Golden Week” starts in a few days. Our carpenter will try to squeeze our project in between his other jobs during this busy time. Were expecting a load of lumber (hinoki) and gravel for the new deck. I hope to get my power tools situated in the new garage so that I can start constructing the deck ASAP. First things first, I have to tear out the old deck to make room for the new. A new water line will be installed for the deck and backyard. Next, a weed barrier will be laid along with gravel under and around the deck. The current deck joists will be inspected. A temporary ramp will be built so that the dogs can access the backyard during construction. The deck will incorporate three benches and a sink area. The stain will match the existing logs. Stay tuned…           George

Just a couple of footnotes: Golden Week is a bunch of holidays clustered together. Showa Day (Emperor’s birthday),  Greenery Day, Constitution Memorial Day, and Children’s Day. Many people have the entire week off. Some businesses are closed. I’ll have next Monday off then I go back to work on Tues.-Thurs. and have Fri.- Mon. off. 

It’s a heavy travel time and the tourism industry gets a boost this time of year. I mention this because we live in a tourist area. Many of the locals welcome and depend on the extra business. This is the time of year that we put up our “No Trespassing” gate to keep tourists from wandering onto our property.

Update: The gravel has arrived. The water line and drain has been installed. The drain basin goes down about 1 meter and is lined with concrete and stones. Three of the deck joists will be replaced with hinoki. Even though the existing joist are pressure treated douglas fir, we'll give them a coat of stain to match the rest of the deck.


Water line and drain for sink

Gravel for under deck
Some of the joists require replacement

Foundation poured and finishing up

Cement cured and the forms removed

Good sized garage and workshop

Finished foundation

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