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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tsukahara Hot Springs

On Sunday, Erika and I decided that all work and no play make a teacher tired and boring. The cure for that was simple...let's go somewhere! We heard from a neighbor that Tsukahara Hot Springs had a trail that we could take dogs on. After 15 minutes of casual driving, we reached our destination. The YouTube video should give you a better idea of how close the hot springs are to our home.

It was about 80 degrees, but a thunderstorm was rapidly forming. The hike up Mt. Garan took about 45 minutes. The video shows Mt.Tsurumi, Mt. Yufu, and Monkey Mountain. Unfortunately, the cloud cover only allowed a peek at Beppu Bay, Oita City, and Beppu. We'll climb this trail again in the near future. I'll try to get a better video of the spectacular view. The coolest thing about the entire trip was that we left at 8am and returned home before 10am. We felt completely rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the rest of a glorious weekend.     George

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