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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Neighborhood

I added Photobucket to the blog. I’ll try to update these photos as the seasons change. These are some photos I recently took while walking the dogs around the neighborhood. Tsukahara is divided into two neighborhoods. The original neighborhood is where all of the old-timers live. I don’t know how long Tsukahara has been around. Judging from the shrines and temples, I would guess a long time.
The newer area of Tsukahara is designated, “Tsukahara Highlands.” It hasn’t been around very long. I’m guessing 20 years or so. The highlands are a compilation of people who left the cities to find peace and quiet. Many of these people have homes that are also small businesses. It’s a difficult way to make a living because Tsukahara has relatively few visitors compared to nearby Beppu and Yufuin.

I read a recent article mentioning that Tsukahara is the 7th most desirable place to live in Japan. I think the air and water quality have a lot to do with it. The population of Tsukahara is around 365. A stranger would have difficulty finding 365 people, as they seem to be well hidden.   George





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