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Saturday, July 28, 2012

It’s hot!

The title says it all. Yufuin will reach 94 degrees today. That’s 90 degrees plus high humidity. Seattle will have a high of 74 degrees. I think Yufuin had a low of 74 degrees last night. The rumors are true about the summer weather in Tsukahara. The temperature drops as soon as the sun sets. A light breeze usually takes the edge off the heat. We had a low of 68 last night…very comfortable for sleeping . During the day, the temperature reached 90 degrees. I’ve learned that a log house provides insulation against the heat. The third floor is unbearably hot, while the first floor is 5 degrees cooler than outside. So far, a fan is all that has been required to maintain comfort.
Lucky found the coolest spot in the house.
We have to be careful about electricity usage. Japan is suffering from a shortage of electrical power since the Fukushima disaster. During the summer when usage is at an all time high, the Japanese government is asking everyone to conserve. The power company has increased the cost of using electricity. Some areas are experiencing rolling blackouts to help control usage. The power company mailed us a warning alerting us as to when a blackout will occur. I’m surprised at the consideration they give their customers. In America, the lights go out without warning, and you have to live with it. Stay cool and we’ll try to do the same.   George

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