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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Erika’s Invisible Garden (Part 2)

After conducting some extensive testing with the local deer, Erika has devised a new method of deterring them. The method consists of using locally harvested bamboo poles and reflective tape. The poles are evenly spaced around the garden. The reflective tape is carefully woven between the bamboos.  I asked Erika why she didn’t use netting like everyone else. She said that it was too expensive. I asked, “Will the tape scare the deer because of its reflective quality?”
Erika replied, “Yes.”
“Humm, when the deer feed, it’s at night. It’s very dark. Not much reflecting goes on when it’s dark.” She told me to mind my own business.
Well, at least she made the pole tall enough. “Are you sure that the deer are eating your tomatoes?” I asked.
Erika replied, “Yes.”
“Humm, will the tape keep out anything smaller than a deer? For example, two Jack Russell Terriers playing in the garden?” I asked. Erika told me to mind my own business.
I find it hard to believe that a piece of shiny tape will keep out a mischievous or hungry animal, but stranger things have happened. Stay tuned for any breaking news.   


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