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Monday, April 16, 2012


Erika and I are faced with the overwhelming task of interior designing our school. It’s easy to throw a desk here and a chair there, but to make the whole thing work in a way that is functional and attractive is a challenge. We have two rooms that will be for teaching. One room will be for the very young students while the upstairs room will be for the older students. I think we have enough materials to cover the walls so that the students will feel like they are in an English environment. I want to do something unique by giving the classrooms a third dimension. That’s about all I can say about that topic until I can figure something out. I wish I had my woodworking shop up and running. I have some interesting ideas. I did manage to make a sign before I packed all of my tools in the U.S. What do you think? Oh, before I forget to mention it…the name of our schools is… (drum roll, please)… YES!

YES! stands for “Your English Station!” Why Station instead of School? I’m glad you asked. The word “school”, in Japan, invokes images of a dull, regimented and boring environment, void of creativity. A station (train, bus) in Japan is a place where people go to meet and travel to future destinations. The atmosphere is lively and positive. Our students have an opportunity to freely choose what their future goals and destinations will be. We encourage students to meet others and share experiences in an English environment. A station (radio, T.V.) broadcasts entertainment and information. Your English Station students will “tune-in” their English skills with our entertaining, informative, and positive techniques. Wow! I sound just like a business owner. Erika is the CEO and I’m the janitor. 


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  1. こんにちは。かわいい教室になりましたね。お邪魔させていただきます。