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Thursday, January 5, 2012


The forecasters have been predicting snow for the past few weeks and it finally happened. This morning we woke up to about 3 inches of snow. It’s nice to look at, but it can be a pain to drive in. It looks like the road crews in Japan only de-ice the toll roads. That means many of the smaller roads are covered in snow and ice. I’m not used to driving in those conditions, but I won’t have a choice starting next week. The schools I’ll be teaching at are about 40 minutes away. Some of that commute involves driving on narrow mountain roads. The Moco has 4-wheel drive and it’s fitted with snow tires. The icy roads will be a problem since snow tires are of little help on the ice. Slow and easy will be the only way to go.

The dogs love the snow. Kiley was hopping and playing the moment she stepped out of the front door. Lucky is a little faster in the snow since he has big paws. It’s fun to see them romping and rolling in the white powder. Erika hasn’t complained too much about the frigid temperatures. She’s trying to stick with her New Year’s resolutions…to be positive. I was told that the coldest months will be February and March. It’s minus 4 degrees Celsius right now. I wonder how much colder it will get.


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  1. Happy New Year! I love reading about your adventures....looks like you are enjoying it!!
    Beth from Dr. Mace's office