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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Hills are Alive

To celebrate the New Year, Erika and I decided to explore some of the nearby hills with the dogs. We were unable to do so earlier because of the over abundance of ticks. I was told that the ticks disappeared when the ground froze. Sure enough, the fields were frozen and no ticks. I know that I had mentioned that the surrounding hills were beautiful to look at. Let me tell you…the scenery was breathtaking when I looked down from the hills. The pictures can’t capture what we saw and felt from the hillsides. Remember the scene from “The Sound of Music”, when Julie Andrews was singing in an alpine meadow surrounded by mountains? Well, it didn’t look anything like that, but it sure felt like it. We had a blast! I wish I could have flown my sailplane, but some things will have to wait until we are settled. Enjoy the pics…  George

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