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Summer 2016
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Update with pictures

Waiting for USDA approval

Last days in the U.S. at Seabrook

Fun at the Seabrook beach

Three had a great memory

Sayonara Best Friend

At SeaTac

At the terminal in Seattle, the dogs were shaking along with Erika and George in anticipation of the long flight ahead of them.

After 12 hour flight, 30 minute boat ride, 20 minute monorail, several bus rides, and one taxi ride, the dogs finally had a chance to rest in best seats at the hotel in Kobe

Next day, we took two hour bullet train ride. The dogs were more terrified and shook up from this segment of the trip than the flight from Seattle.

Finally in Tsukahara with our new Nissan Moco

Lucky with his new friend, Sakura

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