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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving In

We finally received our stuff and our home is a warehouse of boxes. It was amazing to see 6 movers and as many trucks delivering our belongings. They did a fabulous job! In 3 hours, they managed to unload and place the boxes where we asked them to. It took 5 people to move the wood stove. We had 60 boxes of floor tile and 40 boxes of wood flooring to move also. The first thing we unboxed was the dog beds. The next items that were unboxed were the guitars. Finally, the bed was set up. It was nice to sleep on a bed again. In Nakatsu, we will have to sleep on the floor until we can afford some second hand furniture. We have WiFi, so that we should be able to post on the blog more frequently. The problem will be finding the time to post. Docomo seems to be working well in this remote location. We have been away from television and radio for two weeks. So, we have some catching up to do.
I think the item that best makes our house a home has been our stereo system. Listening to music was very important to us in the U.S. and to experience music in our home in Japan provides us a feeling of warmth and coziness. I look forward to having our wood burning stove operating. It’s easy to imagine a blanket of fresh snow covering the meadows and mountains. Inside, it’s warm with the wood stove burning some hardwoods and I’m playing the guitar to some friends. I know it will happen…I know it will.
It's raining after a couple of weeks of gorgeous weather. I'm used to the cold of Seattle so that the warm temperature (70 degrees) is refreshing.
I absolutely, positively love it here. George


  1. We are looking forward to meeting you soon - glad to see all the moving etc. went well. Let us know if there is anything you need - there always seem to be people with things lying around needing a new home.
    Let me know if you are heading this way - I'll get some muffins ready to greet you! I'm not sure which route you take to Nakatsu, but I'm guessing you almost drive past our front door!

  2. Hi Jo,
    It's great to hear from you. As soon as all the dust settles, we would really like to visit you. Those muffins sound tempting. If you happen to be in Yufuin, come on by. The place is full of boxes and we don't have a kitchen set up yet, but you are more than welcomed. We drive thru Ajimu on the way to Nakatsu. If we traveled via Beppu, then we would go right by your doorstep. We met Joe at a welcoming bar-b-que in Tsukahara. He is valuable person to know and I'm grateful to have met him. I think we will get along well as we have many things in common. See you soon. George and Erika

  3. So happy for you both. Moving can be so stressful...take care. You will be happy to hear that my daughter and I are attending a 3 day seminar in Maine on starting a B&B in Alaska. Thank you for your encouragement and example of faith and trust.

  4. Hi Debby,

    Fantastic news! Taking those first few steps towards your dream can be tough, but I know you can do it. You will have a fabulous B&B in Alaska and I hope to take our Japanese students there to visit you. Please keep commenting on our blog. We enjoy hearing from the folks back in the U.S.
    Take care. George

  5. We can't believe it has finally happened! We couldn't be more happy for you both. The scenery alone is breathtaking and so serene. I watch NHK Newsline every day to get a feel for things that are happening in Japan and Asia...even the weather! We are glad things are progressing and you 4 are all healthy and happy. All our good wishes! Let us know when you have an email address!