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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still Vegan

I purchased a large quantity of chicken, a day before George announced that WE (he didn’t say…he) would be vegan. Now, I have to clean out my freezer.

Here is one boneless and skinless chicken out of the package. I usually remove all of the fat. I don’t do as good a job as George’s mother, but look at the amount of fat I removed. Yes, it takes time to clean each piece of chicken. Almost a quarter of the chicken is fat. I wonder how many restaurants take this much time to remove the fat. Instead, they cover the chicken in some sort of breading and fry it in grease that is oxidized. I know that’s why it tastes so yummy.

I used to cook beef that had only 7% fat. The fat would cling to the dishes and I had to use twice the amount of soap and scrubbing power to clean the dishes. Now, without any beef, I can cook with a small amount of vegetable oil. Very little soap and scrubbing are required to get the dishes clean. Imagine the amount of animal fat that goes through our digestive system and into our organs after years and years of eating meat. Yuk! We can’t scrub our intestines with soap. No wonder I gained 20 pounds after moving to the U.S.

This is the positive side of being vegan. I just hope I can continue. The more I speak out, the more I feel I have to be responsible for my words. It is tough. The chicken I cooked…went to my doggies. They were very happy. I boiled the chicken to remove most of the fat.

The news from Japan continues to be heart-wrenching. Half of the cows in Fukushima have died from starving and the other half are crying out loud for food and water. I usually don’t have the guts to read this kind of news or see the pictures, but I had to read the news when I saw a cow with tears in his big eyes. The suffering of the people and animals is beyond heartbreaking. One of the tsunami victims living in a shelter hoped that the people who are suffering from the disasters in Japan are not forgotten. Please don’t forget them.

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