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Fall 2018
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thrown Together

Instead of posting three blogs, I decided to throw everything together. Alright then, here’s some photos of the built-in pantry shelves I’ve been working on these shelves for the past few weeks. Before the paint even dried, Erika was already stocking them. 

The sliding door into the pantry was also painted along with the trim. This was required because the original bare wood door would attract mildew in the hot and humid summer. Eventually, all of the interior bare wood doors will be painted. I like the finished look...it's very American.

In an effort to stay healthy, we have been drinking smoothies made from various fruits (banana, blueberry, pineapple) and vegetables (komatsuna, carrot). It tastes great, but the color of smoothie is a poop brown…not so good. Well anyway, it’s supposed to be healthy. Cheers!

The next project on the endless list of things to finish on the first floor is the entryway. The closet will be changed into an area that is a walk-through. The main reason the area is being remodeled is because it has no floor. I don’t know why it was built this way in the first place. The outside vent lets freezing cold air into the house. I will install a new floor and finish the walls. I'll also add some built in lighting. It should open up the entry area, but stay warmer in the winter. 

                          This is a view of the underside of the stairs.

                  I'll need to coat the bottom of the stairs with some paint.                            Then I'll cover the bottom with plywood and wallpaper. 

We’re really looking forward to getting the first floor done this year.      George

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