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Fall 2018
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oven Baked Pizza

Erika did some research and discovered a great idea…baking pizza in the wood stove. We decided to give it a try. She ordered the stand and pan on the internet.

 We have been baking bread for almost a year and the bread maker does an excellent job making pizza dough. 

The flour we are using is from Hokkaido. I find that Hokkaido flour rises a lot more than the other brands I have been using. After the dough was finished in the bread maker, Erika let the dough rise. Then she tossed the dough like a pizza chef (She wouldn’t let me take a picture) and added all the toppings. 

I placed the stand in the oven along with the pizza. 

A few minutes later…pizza!! 

I’ll be trying to bake sourdough bread in the near future. Stay tuned.    George

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  1. What's a home without man's best friend (or two). I share your down thoughts regarding impending passage of souls dear to you, including pets. We are very attached to our going on 11 year old English Bulldog Mangia ("eat" in Italian). As a matter of fact she is sound asleep as I type this next to my home office chair, snoring her brains out!

    I've been really enjoying the home updates even though I have a couple years of catch up time to do. Looking forward to each installment with particular interest centered around your observatory. I think anybody who pursues this hobby wishes they could have their own backyard observatory for many obvious reasons. I want one so bad it is my primary motivation to move out of our tiny backyard location and maybe find something more rural, if not that then a least a house with a yard big enough that neighbor's trees don't block the view, as what's happening here. Unfortunately the astrophotography bug didn't bite me until after we downsized by moving here, to a new single story home. Not that I wanted to move from our previous two story residence, but I sustained multiple injuries in a motorcycle accident and I could no longer climb stairs. Then the neighbor's fast growing fence line trees took over and the rest is history. If I can't find a rural location, but not far out, I would settle for an urban location, one with a large backyard. I put a spin on that option because staying in our light polluted location would force me to give CCD imaging a try. Love the pics of your four legged family members, Jack Russell Terriers?