Summer 2016

Summer 2016
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Catching Up

Time to catch up. The observatory platform is ready to go. The observatory is in Singapore…next stop is China. 

Our cherry tree finally bloomed after five years. It’s tall enough so that the deer can’t eat the leaves. Speaking of deer, I installed new fencing around one of Erika’s gardens. Erika lost all of her crops last year because of the deer.

It’s finally time to work on the doors. I have three doors that need to have the glass panes replaced. The doors also need some repair and paint. 

First, I removed the doors from the hinges and then removed the glass panels. Since I replaced the small panes of glass with one large glass panel, the mouldings were destroyed.

I made new mouldings and glued everything in place. Any cracks were filled with epoxy putty and sanded smooth. The doors will be painted gloss white so any defects will be hidden from view. New satin nickel hardware will be added later.

                                            Two more doors to go…

                                                     ...then it’s time to have a BBQ!!      

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