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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers

I ordered the doors and drawers from Barker Doors about four years ago. They did a wonderful job! Everything fit according to plan and if it didn’t, I made it fit. The cabinets had to be built to fit the kitchen and at the time I ordered the doors I did not know the exact size of the kitchen. To get things to fit, I had to trim several of the doors on the tablesaw. I’m really happy with how the entire kitchen came together. The gaps on the doors and drawers are a consistent 3/32”. That’s just about perfect!! The doors arrived unfinished and without any holes for the hinges. 

Drilling holes for the hinges are easy if you have the right tools.

The hole is ready for a Blum hinge. 

The hinge is installed.

 Now all I have to do is repeat the same steps fifty times...

A problem arose when I discovered I had the wrong hinges. The hinges I purchased fit cabinets without face frames. No worries. I modified the cabinets by cutting a small section of the frame to fit the hinge plate. Worked like a champ! The soft close feature on each hinge is nice to have. I'm very happy with the 3/32" gap all the way around. The doors and drawers will be painted to match the cabinets and nickel pulls will be added later.

 Nothing fancy as far as tools go. Just the basics to get the wrong hinges to work. 

The drawers required assembly. 

A rubber mallet and some glue did the trick. 

The drawers will be painted later. First, I needed to make sure the drawers fit my cabinets. 

Whew! Perfect fit. The drawer slides are full extension and soft close. Both features are very nice to have. Easy to install, too. 

Drawer face plates were trimmed to fit. Paint and handles are all that's needed to finish this up. The kitchen has a few surprises in store for it before it's finished. Stay tuned... 

Up next...tile, paint, and trim the hallway leading to the kitchen and master bedroom.     George

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