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Fall 2018
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bathroom Update

Normally, I wouldn’t mention anything about a toilet. However, this particular toilet deserves a few words. This is Toto’s flagship model, the Hybrid Neorest. So, what’s the big deal? This beauty automatically opens the lid, cleans itself, heats the seat, lights up the bowl, has a thousand different settings, dispenses air freshener. When you’re done with your business, just stand up and leave. The Neorest flushes itself, cleans itself, then it closes the lid. It does everything except welcome me in the morning. Okay, enough about toilets.

This is our new master bathroom. Erika wanted a clean look and I believe we accomplished that. The area looks sterile, but with a few accessories, I think it will be comfortable. Up next, the kitchen floor.    George

Ready for business

Door leading into the bathroom from the master bedroom

The walls are YELLOW! 

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