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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's been awhile

It’s been awhile. I’ll post some pictures in random order and try to explain what’s going on. In this photo I'm planting a black pine that was given to me from a close friend. His name is Yoshidasan. I have known him for over 17 years. I think he's 83 years old. I'll write more about him in a later post. I'm planting 7 pines in a small grove as a tribute to him. The scent of pines reminds me of the vacations our family took to Donner Lake (California) when I was a child. I don't know why, but the scent and the sound of pines in the breeze makes me feel...content. 

Next, the remodel continues to take shape. In the kitchen, I'm adding an electrical plug to the upper counter. An additional wire will be used to supply voltage to an under the cabinet LED light. 

Here's an overall view of the cabinet carcasses. An additional over-the-fridge cabinet will be added a little later (I ran out of wood). The doors and drawers will be installed as soon as the floor tiles are installed. Stained glass will be included in a few of the cabinet doors along with some cabinet lighting. 

Some of the bling tiles are being added to the kitchen walls. Erika came up with the design. I really like it! This tile was purchased over 5 years ago and shipped to Japan. Imagine trying to design a kitchen that far in advance without any pictures or measurements. It's been a satisfying experience to see this project come together.

Here's the tile cutter that has made most of the tile work possible. 

In this photo, I'm posing for a picture that will be used to get an 8% discount on the paint we will be using. The manufacturer is asking for a before, during, and after shot of our project. They have been invited to our home to see it in person. 

This is Lucky. I thought I'd throw this picture in for variety. 

This is Erika trying her best to hide from the camera. She is responsible for applying the glue to the tiles. It's a messy job, but she has become an expert. 

The tile is set and ready for some additional bling tiles...

...and here's a shot of the layout before the tiles are placed. 

Well, that's about it for now. I'll be applying grout and painting the master bedroom as soon as the tatami room is demolished. That's scheduled for next week after we visit the American Consulate in Fukuoka. More on that in the next post...stay tuned.   George

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