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Monday, June 16, 2014

Another View

I was looking at some pictures I had taken last year and discovered that I had not posted these photos. These are photos of what I call, the “back side” of Mt. Yufu. Tsukahara is located on the opposite side of these views. I find it interesting to compare the stark scenic contrast between the Tsukahara side verses the Yufuin side. Actually, this is the view that a hiker would likely see before attempting to climb the volcano. The climb normally takes about 90 minutes. Our excuse for not climbing Mt. Yufu is that dogs would have a hard time with the sharp rocks and boulders along the trail. We only go where the dogs can go!
This side of the volcano is strewn with boulders that I assume are the remnants of a previous eruption. I read somewhere that Mt. Yufu erupted about 2000 years ago. The volcano is considered active as well as its neighbor, Mt. Tsurumi. A three month alert was given of a possible eruption immediately after the disasters of 2011.    George

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