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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Please let me explain the title to this post. “Yakuza” are members of the Japanese mafia. It’s a good idea to leave them alone. If you happen to cross paths with them, steer clear and get the heck out of there. That is how I feel about these flying yakuza. As soon as we experience a warm day, they magically appear. The loud and distinctive drone gives them away, long before they can be seen. That’s a good thing as it gives me time to retreat and run for safety. Yes, I actually run! I’m not too proud to say that these flying terrors scare the heck out of me. I hear them coming and I drop everything and run for cover. I was told that the sting from one of these beasts is extremely painful. The first close encounter will send you to the hospital where they are prepared to deal with such things. The second close encounter, can result in death.

Wearing certain colors (black, red, or orange) can entice these winged devils to sting you. My biggest fear is that I’m up high on a ladder and a yakuza decides to greet me. Thirty feet is a long way to crawl down a ladder. I need to work on the crown of the roof, but I have been putting it off for as long as I can. It’s already too risky to work up there this year. I’ll have to plan an attempt next March when it’s too cold for them.
I found this yakuza in front of our neighbor's house. It looks like was hit by a car. For some strange reason, I was sad to see that it was killed. I have the upmost respect for this creature and to see it lying there made me realize how vulnerable we all are. Out of respect, I placed the deceased yakuza into the bushes. Strange, I know, but hey, it's strange to be living out in the middle of nowhere.    George


  1. I live in fear of these guys all summer... my greatest fear is getting one inside my motorcycle jacket and getting stung while riding :(

  2. I never imagined I would have this much respect for an insect. Keep your jacket zipped up and take care...and be careful with the colors you are wearing.

  3. I have been stung twice (on the first encounter) and managed to not have to go to the hospital, though my throat was swelling a bit. The spot where I was stung (on top of my head) was throbbing for a four days afterward - the way your head hurts for a few seconds after you accidently run into a low beam, except it was constant.

    I managed to get away before the rest of the nest came out.

    1. I read that the venom is composed of 8 chemicals. Each chemical has a specific purpose. One of the chemicals cause kidney failure. Another chemical causes human skin to melt. Another chemical causes the pain you described.You're very lucky that you didn't go into shock. I'd be REALLY cautious of another sting as you may have used up any immunity you may have towards the venom. Our hospital is well prepared for suzumebachi stings. Take care.