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Monday, September 9, 2013

Thank you!

I was scared to death, stressed out, and nervous, but I did it. I only made two mistakes, but nobody seemed to care. I think everyone had a good time, including me.

The kids did a fantastic job with “Country Roads.” We rehearsed only once for about an hour. They sang loud and clear. Way to go everyone! (We are very sorry that we could not post any pictures of the 14 children singing. Stuff like that requires permission from the parents).

I would like to thank everyone who came out to see (and hear) what Tsukahara has to offer. I love this place! The comment I heard over and over,” Wow! Your Japanese is great!” Since only half of my last song required me to sing in a foreign language, I had to respond with, “How was my English?” The general response was, “Oh, that was good, too.”


Erika was suffering from stress, because of the event, more than me. She had to endure my stress related illnesses along with Kiley’s stress problems. Erika is relieved that the festival is over and pledged that I would never perform at another community event again. “It’s just too much stress!” exclaimed Erika. I’m not sure if her wishes will be realized, but I’m glad that it’s over too. “I think if I perform once a month, I’ll be comfortable in front of an audience,” I explained to Erika. “No way!” replied my wife. “That’s enough. I’m saving you for our business related events and forget about performing anywhere else.” Humm, we’ll see. These community organizers are very persuasive.   George
Note: Orange shirt? My manager (Erika) said that I needed to look "outstanding." I think I look more like a construction worker or a pumpkin. Maybe I need a new manager?

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