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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is it done, yet?

Almost. The sink area and stairs need to be installed, but those items will have to wait. I have a garage to seal, prime, paint, and stain. Meanwhile, I’ll be making a bench for Kiley and Lucky on the balcony. Ever since I installed a dog door, they like to greet our guests from there. I just have to make sure that I don’t build it too high. It’s a long way down from the second floor.

As for pictures, I’m working with the planer and router.

Love the smell of freshly planed hinoki

Rounding the edges with a router

Before we go any further, here's some "before" pictures:

I think there's a problem.
Erika was busy chopping and discarding the old and rotted wood.

EEK! It's painful to look at this.
Walking on this was like walking in a minefield

There's a "slight" improvement with the almost finished deck.

Details, details, details

All stained

Another very warm day

Erika and I had the deck stained in one hour. We used every last drop of stain.

Many of the larger pieces of wood were recycled.

It’s been unusually hot, but amazing clear. The surrounding scenery is a collage of vivid blues and greens. In California, when it’s this warm, the sky and horizon are usually filled with a hazy, yellowish brown smog. Not here. More to come…       George
Whew! Nice and cool, outside.
Sleeping? Nope. Planning the next project


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    1. Thanks. Erika and I wanted a deck that was comfortable and would last a long time. I think we accomplished that. Now, it's time for our guests to enjoy it. When will you be visiting our neck of the woods?