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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lucky on YouTube

Lucky likes to play soccer. In Washington, he would maneuver beach balls around our neighborhood park. This would often get the attention of people passing by. We started using a basketball because he found that popping a beach ball was more entertaining than chasing it around. He hasn’t popped a basketball…yet. Here’s a YouTubeclip of Lucky in action in Tsukahara. Please excuse the poor quality of the video. It’s the first time I posted anything on YouTube. Posting on YouTube is easy to do, but it takes a long time to process. I started the post at ten in the morning and it wasn’t completed until ten that night. The clip is less than two minutes long.  I think it has something to do with waiting for my turn. Anyway, this will give you a chance to see our dilapidated deck that is in need of some serious renovation. I hope to post more clips in the future to give you some idea of what we have been up to. Stay tuned…

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