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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Dogs vs. My Husband

Kiley won three prizes at the recent Seabrook Dog Festival: Best Kisser, Top Licker, and Best Trick. I sometimes wonder if her former life was a human being. She has a unique ability to communicate with us. She is a better kisser than my husband. She cleans the dishes better than my husband and she won’t complain about my cooking. Well, my husband plays tricks on me better than she does…I ended up being involved in his hobbies and moving to Japan.

I will never be interested in astronomy. The first time I went to Alaska, it was by motorcycle. I slept in a tent and it rained for over a month. I promised myself that I would never go to Alaska again. I broke my promise and went on an Alaskan cruise with George. We were sick during most of the voyage because of the rough seas. Never again! Then my husband convinced (tricked) me into going to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis in the middle of the winter. I was freezing as I sat in the snow, on the side of a mountaintop, in the dark, looking up at the black sky. Sure, the aurora was beautiful, but those things (including the stars) can be found in magazines, books, and the internet. Why do I have to freeze my behind to see them? This is the 21st century. Please let me stay warm and dry.

As for an excuse, the only reason I allow him to trick me is because I envy him. Why? George has so many interests, fascinations, and curiosities. I’m often amazed and feel happy to look at him being enthusiastic about learning things as he ages. While I drink beer and kick back, his mind is busy with planning his next project. While I sunbathe and relax, he’s observing the beauty of nature. While I’m chatting with friends at a restaurant, he’s busy with reading books and acquiring knowledge.

Lucky acts like George. Lucky is always hungry for food, fun, and toys. He never gives up until his bowl gets filled, but he doesn’t try to trick me. He patiently waits until he gets what he wants. George patiently waited and never gave up until I said it was okay to move to Japan. George has learned so much from the dogs. That’s why when Kiley plays a trick on George, I enjoy the revenge. I am so proud of my dogs and husband.

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